German Matsusôkan Karate and Kobudô Association Karlsbad e.V.


We have to accept that we are our own worst enemy.

Karate has developed over the years and finally became an art. Above all, one must develop oneself, not only one's techniques in Karate.

This is due to the education of the mind being just as important as the education of the body.

The student must be taught to see the responsibility they have for their actions and for the suffering of others.

If one focuses on the development of body and mind, Karatedô not only allows every individual to
challenge oneself and recognize one's potential but also one's weaknesses and limits.

The training consists of:

Hojo Undo
        Technical exercise to strengthen the musculature and improve reaction times

compound exercises
        Practising of techniques

Training of Kata
        Practising of certain techniques against imaginary enemies

Training of weapons-Kata
        as above with traditional Okinawan weapons

Training techniques
        in application to self-defence